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"How Far?" is the first question you think about before making a club selection...

How far is it to carry the fairway bunker? How far is it to layup in front of the water? How far is it to the center of the green? When we started SkyGolf over 12 years ago, we set out to answer the question "How far?" reliably and accurately. We wanted to end the days of golfers searching for sprinkler heads, guessing or pacing off distances. Whether you're a 20-handicap or a scratch golfer, having reliable distance information is necessary for you to play your best and enjoy your round. That's why SkyCaddie is the #1 rangefinder in golf.

SkyGolf takes no shortcuts when it comes to your game. Our trained, professional TrueGround Mappers walk EVERY course with highly accurate, survey-grade GPS equipment to create original course maps, precise to less than a yard. Only SkyGolf provides the most complete, most reliable and most accurate course maps in the game, so you can trust your SkyCaddie just like PGA Tour Players trust their caddie.



According to Golf Datatech, 94% of serious golfers believe having the right distance is essential to their game

  • SkyCaddie was rated more accurate than lasers by a margin of 3-to-2
  • SkyCaddie was more accurate than other GPS devices by ratios ranging from 8-to-1 to 23-to-1!

Every golfer, regardless of skill, deserves to play with the most accurate distance information. Poor yardage information leads to bad club selections and shots that end up in bad places — your game will actually worsen, not get better. If you're serious about improving your game, you owe it to yourself to use a SkyCaddie in order to make every club in your bag better.

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Not all course maps are created equal... Only SkyGolf Mappers walk the same ground you play

No PGA Tour Player uses yardage books derived from satellite images or flyovers. Neither should you. Only SkyGolf uses a proven mapping methodology created by Mark Long, one of only two professional yardage book authors in the world whose books are used by the PGA Tour for tournament play. Therefore, SkyCaddie only uses course maps that WE have mapped from the ground, using survey-grade GPS equipment and following the same methodology that PGA Tour Caddies use to provide information to their Players. Other GPS rangefinders use second- and third-generation maps derived from aerial imagery known to contain errors.

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SkyCaddie is trusted by more serious golfers than all other rangefinders COMBINED

By combining SkyGolf's high-precision TrueGround course maps with proprietary, best-in-class GPS components, SkyCaddie sets the highest standard for measuring device performance. If you want to be a better golfer and play your best, you need accurate distance. Only accurate distance can help you play better and lower your scores.

Lasers and other golf GPS devices have crippling limitations that fall short of the quality distance information that you deserve. Find out why SkyCaddie still is the #1 rangefinder in golf.

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"If you're using anything other than a SkyCaddie for distance measuring, you're throwing away shots and money!" — Hank Haney

SkyCaddie has been ranked #1 in accuracy among all distance measuring devices (DMD) in a survey conducted by Golf Datatech, the industry’s leading research firm. The Golf Datatech survey represents the first independent study of the DMD market, polling serious golfer’s perceptions of lasers, dedicated GPS devices and smartphone apps. It also revealed that 94% of all serious golfers believe “exact yardage” is important to their game, and that more golfers use SkyCaddie than all other GPS rangefinders combined.

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Hear from some of our customers...

Played today for the second time using PinPoint along with two others who had not seen it. If you don't have it then DEMAND IT! IT IS GREAT!! Everyone agreed it is the best thing to come along since peanut butter... Really guys, hound your pros to zone off the greens and get it to SkyGolf. Remember, it doesn't cost the course one little penny. Hit it close!

Ron Cole, SkyGolf Member

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